The links and documents below should be helpful to anyone working on restoration of an historic building. Please email us if you have any questions or would like more information.


  • Wood Window Rehabilitation

  • Window of Energy Saving Opportunity

  • Saving Wood Windows

  • Old House Windows as Efficient as New Ones

  • What's Wrong with my Vinyl Windows?

  • Paint and Windows

  • National Park Service Preservation Brief 9: Repair of Historic Wooden Windows & Comparison of new vs. old windows with storm

  • Preservation/NC information on historic windows

  • Cleaning Brick

  • National Park Service Preservation Brief 1: Cleaning and Waterproofing Masonry

  • Benefits of Preservation

  • Preservation NC Report on Economic Benefits of State Rehabilitation Tax Credit

  • A New Understanding of Gentrification and the Role of Historic Preservation

  • Profiting from the Past: The Impact of Historic Preservation on the NC Economy

  • Benefit of Rehab vs ReplacemenT